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Our Executive Protection Course is an advanced course covering the organization of an advanced protective operation, advanced surveillance and counter-surveillance detection, technical site surveys, threat assessment, advanced planning, immediate action drills to include protective formations, arrivals and departures, principal attack scenarios, and motorcade operations.

This course also includes Tactical Firearms training and Tactical Driver training.


Our Instructor High-Risk Personnel Course is a 7-day class modeled on the United States Marine Corps High Risk Personnel Course (HRP) and designed for American military personnel operating and stationed in high-risk assignments. Tom Bullins was chief instructor for the HRP course October 1986 through August  1990. HRP instructors attend numerous commercial and government schools to ensure the best training is available to the students that attend the courses offered by the US Marine Corps. On the last two days of the class, the Student Instructor, along with Trigger Time Instructor cadre, will teach back to the students Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, and AK-47.

Subjects covered includes: Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun/Foreign Weapons (AK-47), Range safety, Weapons handling, Fundamentals of shooting, Malfunctions, Reloads, Concealed Carry and Draw, Shooting positions, Night fire/Flashlight techniques, Multiple target engagements, Close in shooting techniques, Weapons take-away, Strong/Support hand shooting, Barricades, Cornering and Searching drills, Turning and Engagements, Moving and Engagements, Transition Drills (Primary to Alternate) Sling carries, Ballistics demonstrations on vehicles, Glass Deflection, Cover and Concealment, and Fighting in and around vehicles.

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