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Trigger Time, Inc. was established in 1991 by Thomas J. “Tom” Bullins. Mr. Bullins is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps where he served as the Non-Commissioned Officer in charge of the High-Risk Personnel Course for the Weapons Training Battalion, MCB Quantico, VA. In addition, Tom was instrumental in training personnel for Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance, Fleet Anti-Terrorist Security Teams, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Naval Intelligence Service, and the Drug Enforcement Administration. Tom also served as a member of the Military Security Force Team; a special assignment to provide Personal and Physical security for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the National Military Command Center at the Pentagon, Washington, DC. Upon his Honorable Discharge from the Marine Corps, Tom served as Assistant Director of Training for Bill Scotts Racing in Summit Point, WV. 

Tom has developed, provided, and supported driving and firearms instruction for Special Agents of the US Department of State, Federal Aviation Administration, Special Operation personnel from all branches of services within the US Department of Defense, and various tactical teams from multiple law enforcement agencies nationwide. 


Since its founding in 1991, Trigger Time has provided modern and comprehensive security training to government clients and private sector organizations. The progressive training concepts offered by Trigger Time are available at the Trigger Time headquarters in Carthage, NC or through mobile training sites at appropriate client facilities. 


1. Trigger Time meets and exceeds Pre-deployment and Full Mission Profile training requirements for top-tier weapons and tactics, and tactical on/off-road driving. Nighttime training is easy to facilitate. BATF approved secure storage facilities can accommodate your provisions. Zero Fire/Noise Restrictions mean around-the-clock training evolutions. We are fully equipped to develop relevant scenarios to meet your unique training requirements. 

2. Trigger Time allows you to complete more training in multiple disciplines that ultimately results in improved dwell time for your units. 

3. Trigger Time saves Time and Travel Costs thus leveraging your budget and white space to its full potential, achieving 100% readiness in less time. By reducing logistical downtime with actual training activity, students experience a more immersive training experience. Your ENTIRE Team Can Shoot and Train at Trigger Time, which is critical to developing teamwork and unit cohesiveness. 

4. All Trigger Time Instructors are highly skilled and capable of teaching everything pertaining to Tactical Firearms, Tactical Mobility and Executive Protection. Our Instructor Cadre meets and exceeds all requirements for current Department of Defense SOF contracts. Instructor experience includes but not limited to former SFARTAETC instructors, US Army Special Forces, 1st SFOD-D, MARSOC, USMC Force Reconnaissance, Law Enforcement, and US Department of State qualified instructors. Trigger Time Instructor cadre have decades of experience training USSOCOM. 

5. Trigger Time’s dedicated backside support eliminates downtime and increases training time. Students don’t set up, break down, or clean ranges, etc. If a vehicle breaks down, a replacement is available within minutes. Students are always training. 


6. Trigger Time’s  Mobile Training Team will come to you if needed.


7. Trigger Time has documented past performance training USSOCOM and JSOC personnel in advanced marksmanship and tactical training for over 25 years. 

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